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focus point shape roses art competition
Two Roses
Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery announces their “Open” Online Art Competition for the month of August 2014. 2D artists from around the globe are called upon to make online submissions for inclusion into the Gallery’s September 2014 online group Exhibition.

Roses – ‘The Queen of flowers’ is the theme of this roses art competition. Whether climbing, rambling, miniature, clustered, dwarf, and more- shrub, bush, large flowered… there is room for your best interpretation.

This Competition is for Mixed Media, Collage, Watercolor, Oils, Acrylic media, Charcoal, Graphite, Photography.

We encourage entries from artists, regardless of where they reside… to apply to this competition by submitting their best non-representational art.

More information on Entry Guidelines for the Still Life Art Competition and the Art Competition Rules

Focus Point & Shape encourages entries from all 2D artists regardless of where you live and regardless of your experience, education or training in the art field.
A group exhibition of the top 3 finalists in each media will be held online at the Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery during the month of September 2014.

Important Dates for Artist Participants

Art Competition Open ……………………..May 5, 2013
Deadline for Receiving Entries……………..August 28, 2014
Results Emailed to Artists & Posted…………August 30, 2014
Opening of Online Art Exhibition……………Sept 1, 2014
Online Art Exhibition Closes……………….Oct 31, 2014

Rewards - Best of Show of the Roses Art Competition will receive global publicity in the form of 800+ press release announcements, and additional promotion to alert the art buying public of the artist’s accomplishment.

1st and 2nd place winners in each medium will receive a publicity package containing over 200 messages to editors, art enthusiasts and art buyers.

3rd through 5th place winners will receive award certificates of merit. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Artists provide us with your best non-representational art before the deadline.

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Article Name
Roses Art Competition
Roses - 'The Queen of flowers' is the theme of this roses art competition. Whether climbing, rambling, miniature, clustered, dwarf, and more-