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Think about the benefits of our Current Art Competitions…

current art competitions

Elizabeth Merchant

Do you have talent?

Do you want recognition?

Do you want Decision Makers to see your work?

Move your mouse up to the top menu – to

current art competitions


– you will see a drop down area with the full range of Current Art Competitions. –

Art embraces all peoples, all emotions, all ages. Give your gift to the world and the world will open itself to you … and embrace you… 10 fold.

It’s just good Karma.

Review the competitions in the above DROP-DOWN MENU and make your mark.

And while you think it over… think about what Publicity could do for you.

Some say

even Bad publicity is worse than No publicity. But we take a different view…

From our experience … really good publicity is better than ‘ok’ publicity.

For example… think about DeGrazia … and his Little Angels. It was an accident –
that someone saw one of his Little Angels cards. And this person was connected to
to the UN. So they brought it to the attention of – UNICEF. And the rest was history.

I cannot tell you how many artists I’ve met … over the years who have turned
various shades of red and purple as they fume over DeGrazia’s success. Not knowing
the real story… it was an accident.

As you think about it … can you afford to wait for an accident… to propel your career?

Well … if you are 15 with your future totally ahead of you…maybe.

But… what if you have responsibilities? Bills…paints, brushes, canvas, papers?
Framing costs? Solo Show costs? You know… the costs of just being an artist.

Can you really afford to wait for an accident of fate?

I won’t even mention the family members who always say… “you should have gone to law school.”

You know who I’m talking about.They always want to remind you of your 5th cousin removed…

the cousin on your distant Uncle’s side of the family. The cousin who never comes up in the family conversation until someone wants to remind you… time is passing.

Now Tom Lynch … you may have heard of him … Public Television Art Show Host, Plein Aire Workshop Presenter, art book writer and DVD art seller… started out with 3 jobs to pay the bills and feed his family.

So he got some help. A little help is sometimes… all you need.