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Distant Shores Juried Online Art Competition

Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery announces their Distant Shores Juried Online Art Competition for the month of January 2018.

distant shores_

Distant Shores

2D artists from around the globe are called upon to make online submissions for inclusion into the Gallery’s March 2018 online group Exhibition.

Every artist has a story – of triumph or dismay … and millions of our fellow humans share the same plight – as they are caught up in blind transitions – leaving countries of their birth and in many cases literally floating away towards new beginnings – towards distant shores.

The anguish and uncertainty and in some cases literally having the ground fall away from beneath their feet, or watching as home is literally blown into the eye of the hurricane – is causing millions to re-evaluate and ponder an uncertain future – whether to stay and rebuild or pull up stakes and depart – towards distant shores.

Just as Picasso cemented his reputation and captured for an era … in his Guernica … the cataclysmic upheaval of a world on the brink – you the artist have a unique opportunity to capture this rare moment in history, this tidal wave of change – as millions today – seek within or without – distant shores of refuge, certainty, safety or peace of mind.

This Competition is for Watercolor, Mixed Media, Oils and Acrylic.

We encourage entries from artists professional or non-professional, regardless of where you reside, experience, education or training in the art field. … to apply to this competition by submitting your art.

More information on Entry Guidelines for Distant Shores Juried Art Competition and the Art Competition Rules

A group exhibition of the top finalists will be held online at the Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery during the month of March 2018.


Distant Shores Juried Online Art Competition Awards will be for BEST OF SHOW and the top two places in each media category. And…depending on the number and quality of the entries received, Special Recognition and Special Merit awards will also be presented to worthy artists.

Publicity Package – Best of Show Winner for Distant Shores Juried Art Competition will receive global publicity in the form of 400+ press release announcements, and additional promotion to alert the art buying public of the artist’s accomplishment. 1st and 2nd place winners will receive a publicity package of 200 announcements to the art buying public.

Important Dates for Artist Participants

Art Competition Open …………………….. November 22, 2018
Deadline for Receiving Entries…………….. January 31, 2018
Results Emailed to Artists & Posted………… February 1, 2018
Opening of Online Art Exhibition……………March 1, 2018
Online Art Exhibition Closes……………….April 30, 2018

Now is the right time to get noticed for the kind of work that you produce.

Artists provide us with your best representational or abstract art before the deadline.

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