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Abstract Portraits Juried Online Art Exhibition

Abstract Portraits Juried Online Art Exhibition

king james -

King James

Best in Show and 1st Place Oils – Guido

“Rembrandt inspires me as the play of light and dark I feel projects the feeling within the image out into the soul of the patron.”


2nd Place Oils – Sammi Gupta – “The ideals of some … cries out for high-key – the barely visible.”

I see you, x-ray vision,

I See You

1st Place Watercolor – Mel Hammond – “The X-Ray vision of Superman and the super powers of comic heroes inspire my art.”

the eyes -

The Eyes

2nd Place Watercolor – Shell Simonds – “I simplify an image … to focus attention within the eyes … expressing the inner substance of the moment.”

just desserts -

Just Desserts

1st Place Mixed Media – Sharlene Hughes “Seeking to convey the stench of modern civilization as produced by the best and the brightest … or not so bright.”

Tell Me more -

Tell Me More

2nd Place Mixed Media – Hayward Allen – “Any time some new acquaintance says … ‘tell me more’ … I shut up. Living in the age of social media … one just never knows what evil lurks behind the mask of the questioner.”

queen -


1st Place Acrylic – Adrienne Vieux – “Bold contrasts, incongruous color combinations, quixotic expressions … with these I seek to command the senses … to the now.”

Ideas come and go -

Ideas Come and Go

2nd Place Mixed Acrylic –
Edsel Richter
– “Ideas like feathers drift into and out of consciousness. Great ideas don’t land in one’s mind with an entourage and the blowing of horns. Sometimes they pounce with the silent agility of kittens … and like little cats … they are off.”

shadey -


1st Place Pastel – Sheryl Akin – “Coming out of the shadows is not like the spy coming in from the cold. At least the spy has a known home. People on the other hand may not know who they are, from whence they came and life is an eternal struggle to define oneself – within a world designed for others … but not for you.”

genius -


2nd Place Pastel – Judith Ray – “Blue representing the cool state of a clear mind invites the imagination to dwell in the world of the cool.”

Honorable Mention – Oils

oracle -


Carolyn Adams – “In my abstracts I am always searching for spirituality. I use the concepts of space and its relationship between chiaroscuro and color intensity to create a statement of awareness.”

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