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Home Sweet Home Juried Online Art Exhibition

Home Sweet Home Online Art Exhibition extended through October 31, 2017

Matthew 6 Verse 26
Best in Show and 1st Place – Acrylic – Ellen Hart
– “My work reflects my faith in God, love of nature, positive outlook on life and childlike exuberance.”

“I choose bright colors to give my work a happy, uplifting quality. 3D elements are often incorporated into my paintings to further express my playful nature.”

“My art is a visual story.”

Ellen is a US Air Force Veteran with a background as a Professional Photographer.

Hart’s art work was on display at the Pearland, Texas Chamber of Commerce, two Art Galleries in the Greater Houston Area and an Art Gallery in Tampa, Florida.

In addition – Hart’s art work is also displayed in the offices of the Governors of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida.

Birthday Snow

2nd Place – Acrylic – Theresa Glover – “Super Hero Speech Pathologist by day, spirited artist by night.”

“Art feeds my soul like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and sweet tea feed a true southern girl.”

“I am finally to a point now where I want to embrace the wacky, creative side of me and share it with the world.”

“I am inspired by beauty.”

“Birthday Snow” was inspired by a photograph I took of my favorite home I used to have in Northeast Texas.”

Back in the Woods

1st Place – Mixed Media – Jaren Lester – “Painting is a struggle for me. Getting it right tortures me. Every little thing keeps talking back to me.”

“I paint from photographs … because it focuses my mind. Otherwise I would be all over the place.”

“I’m what you call a self-taught artist. Maybe it is because school and I just did not see eye to eye.”

“So I paint what comes from I don’t know where … it just is.”

Falling In

2nd Place – Mixed Media – P. Mary Manrod – P. Mary Manrod has always had a passion for all things artistic.

Manrod has had showings in galleries in the Midwest and Southwest.

Music has always been very important to Mary, and often helps inspire her paintings. She often says that her mood chooses the music and the music inspires the painting.

Most of her paintings are abstract.

Color dancing across the canvas or page as a play of light brings her joy and happiness.

Highrise Home

1st Place – Watercolor – George Hoya – “Some would call living on the 40th floor the mark of success.”

“And it is … as long as the elevator is working.”

“Surveying the city below from one’s living room picture window allows a certain measure of satisfaction.”

“I love the city life and let’s face it … home is where the heart is.”

Little Home on the Prairie

2nd Place – Watercolor – Harold Grimes – “Isn’t it crazy how as a child running through the house … everything seemed so big.”

“With this painting … I’ve attempted to capture the wonder of home … as just a little place of comfort in a world of vast surprises.”

Honorable Mention

Rise from the Wilderness

Courtney Paige – Acrylic – “I hope to captivate my viewers with expressive emotions.”

“I challenge myself with art. When I feel angry, I paint happy, when I feel threatened I paint gentle, Sometimes I paint what I feel.”

“I am an expressionist – I try to stretch my perspective during the process, and use art to heal myself and communicate with society.”

“Communicating emotions, in this manner has been a very healing process not only for myself but those around me who resonate with my artworks.”

“My artwork started as a seed of hope and proof of faith”

Once Upon a Time

Manish Pandey – Acrylic – Pandey is a self-taught Freelance painter based out of Gurgaon, India with an innovative mindset to comprehend meaningful concepts to delve into creative depths and present the outcome on canvas.

“My work has won International awards and has been exhibited in Art Galleries in Delhi, Bangalore & Gurgaon and other locations in India.”

“The Galleries where work has been exhibited are the Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi; Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore ; Epicentre-Gurgaon; Marwah Studios Film City, Noida; Gandhi Art Gallery etc.”

“My goal is to create an art form which is tangible globally with a simple and resonating meaning.”

“The endeavor is to present a vibrant & visual treat to my audience from any walk of life and give them a sense of happiness and serenity and probably a direction in life.”

“My work incorporates the essence to bind elements of social issues; spirituality & highlights the enigmatic, mystical and ethereal cosmos which is infinite.”

Pandey is currently serving as Country Head, India with a Multinational.

Home Free

Ashwan – Acrylic – “Self taught artist and world traveler. Suffering from an eye affliction since childhood so my paintings may seem garish to some but that is what I have to do to see what I’m painting.”

“Years back met a family that lived on a huge houseboat. It was the center of their lives – home, business and entertainment of guests.”

“Aunts, uncles, children and grandparents all shared the living quarters.”

“I journeyed with these people for a week and it was a memorable experience.

Heading Home

Fred Myer – Acrylic – “I come from a family of truckers.”

“Episodes of Ice Truckers the TV show always give me the shakes. Because Alaska is not the only region where you take your life in your hands when you get behind the big wheel.”

“My father drove through a blizzard to get home for the holidays when I was a child. He was a huge man with a laugh that rang clear and true.”

“But that one holiday he almost didn’t make it and he never stopped talking about crawling along the highway as the snow fell like marshmallows.”

“His biggest fear in that blinding storm was running off the road into a ditch and having a bunch of cars just follow him off the road.”

“I’ve painted this image from memory. If it gives you the willies … then I’ve succeeded.”


Nancy Hillenbrand – Acrylic – “In my hometown there was a house on a hill where a movie star lived. Well actually … it is where his parents lived.”

“And during the holidays … it gave me a thrill to wonder when the celebrity would arrive. Because he was away for months.”

“I used to visit with his mom and she just loved the color purple.”

“It’s funny but this painting did not start out as purple … it just ended up that way.”

Memories of Home

Neville Hodge – Mixed Media – ” ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ a book by Thomas Wolfe – inspired this painting.”

“That is why this image is so out of focus. One’s memories don’t match the reality of things over time.”

“I try to peel back the layers of nostalgia from the real thing.”

“Admittedly it’s not clear but – what is?”

“And if one revisits one’s thoughts even a month later … it is amazing how one sees things differently.”

“So I paint ‘time’. If it is possible to do such a thing.”

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