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Memorable Moments Juried Online Art Exhibition

Memorable Moments Juried Online Art Exhibition runs through November 30, 2017

side street -

Side Street

Best in Show and 1st Place Watercolor – Honore Belliche – “The road less travelled, the off the beaten path, the side streets of life – capture my


detour -


2nd Place Watercolor – Nigel
– “Crossing the Thames at 20 MPH speed limit gives one pause to marvel at where we were and where we are going to.

However… fascination for travel knows no bounds … as it’s sister bridge – a replica, has crossed into China in the city of Suzhou.”

day with unclels -

A Day with Uncles

1st Place Oils – Najee
– “Waterways have historically led to exploration, population and education.”

beacon -


2nd Place Oils – Rory Caldwell – “The Capitol Building – the political center of the United States Congress – a testament to how news traveling within an enclosed space – never arrives in the same form … as it was sent.”

new romance -

New Romance

1st Place Pencil – Emily Wynn – “Color Relationships continually take me into regions of the unknown. It’s like going where the timid fear to tread. But if you have a daring spirit … new worlds open before you.”

Hurricane Cove -

Hurricane Cove

2nd Place Pencil – Mileet Sanders – “I paint stillness. To make the quiet – come alive – that’s the challenge.”

mother and child -

Mother and Child

1st Place Acrylic – Anne Heather Moore “I paint People, places and moments in time.”

secret fishing hole -

Secret Fishing Hole

2nd Place Acrylic – Field Harrow – “Whenever I stop into a Chinese restaurant I am drawn to the aquarium as I wait for my take out to arrive. As the little bolts of light dart in and around each other… they keep me company and I barely notice how much time has passed until my dinner arrives.”

Honorable Mention

corner cafe -

Corner Cafe

Laurie Roy – Pencil – “I just started drawing and painting a few years ago. I have never had an art lesson but I am the daughter of a grandmother and mother who both dabbled in painting.”

treasured moment -

Treasured Moment

– Acrylic
– Macfarlane is an artist by nature, after years of pursuing other avenues, she found that creating art was simply in her blood and she could not fight it any longer.

moment of discovery -

Moment of Discovery

Dimitrov – Oil – “Astronomy travels the universe – into the unknown.”

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