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We the People Juried Online Exhibition

We The People Juried Online Art Exhibition

down and out -We the People -

Down and Almost Out

Best in Show and 1st Place Oils – Phyllis Nubauer “The runt of the litter, the last hired and the first fired, come after breakfast, bring your lunch and leave before dinner –

comments like these swirled around our kitchen table.

Not that there was anything to eat… for us or our neighbors. As the factories closed I witnessed

families crumble, kids drop out, and fathers seemingly overnight slither headfirst into bottles of liquid paradise.

As a self-taught artist – because formal art school was way beyond – so much so – it might as well be

on another planet… faces like these have haunted my mind for decades.

Painted houses rotted in the sun, manicured yards turned brown and larger than life men wandered

ghost-like through the trash.

If anything … someone needs to add a little dignity to those whose lives once had meaning.”

Once I built a tower - we the people exhibition -

Once I Built a Tower

2nd Place Oils – Ramsey Hilton – ‘Brother Can You Spare A Dime – Once I built a tower up to the sun, Brick

and rivet and lime, Once I built a tower, now it’s done,

Brother, can you spare a dime?’

“This competition hit a nerve.

So I’ll let this image say everything.”

three musketeers - 3 musketeers - we the people art exhibition -

Three Musketeers

1st Place Watercolor – Edgar Loos – “Haven’t revisited

these feelings in years. But when my father left mom high and dry – she bounced back hard with the help

of other women.

They banded together, cried with each other, laughed with each other and had each other’s back.

Not like today… where it seems the powers that be are intent on eating young of the rest of us.

So this image is for those women who know where they are going … and even if they don’t … they

haven’t thrown in the towel.

Not yet.”

Oaxaquena - we the people art exhibition -


2nd Place Watercolor – Margarita Brosova – “My Russian and Armenian cultural

backgrounds infuse my work with magic.

I seek to bring joy to my audience through my art and to capture real people that I see daily.

I think of people as beautiful landscapes that we must observe to understand their souls.”

where are they - we the people art exhibition -

Where Are They?

1st Place Pen & Ink – Sherman Linesdorf – “Greed is good” – Gordon Gecko a fictional character from the

movie Wall Street … lives eternally in the bowels of hell.

His stretch Rolls drives up-hill and slides back down into a cauldron of spit. Only to attempt to rise

again… and again.

Imprinting is a dangerous thing. My father with a high school education one day had a good job.

And then he didn’t.

Visited my home town after years away … and it wasn’t there.

Just the hollowed out husks of once bustling factories… with jack-o-lantern smiles for windows.

childhood - we the people art exhibition -


2nd Place Pen & Ink – Milo Goins – “Howard Pyle

had a great impact on my story telling art style.

I chose this image because it represented a time much like today … where millions of children have to

fend for themselves.

The difference being … using one’s back to make a living was once a possibility.

Today … I shy away from images of 10 year old kids selling nickle bags … to eat … not because it

doesn’t exist.

It’s just that those images don’t tug at the heart strings like paintings of paper boys… or coal

miner kids.

But the reality is just as dire… or more so.”

rosie the riveter - we the people art exhibition -

Rosie The Riveter

1st Place Mixed Media – Roisin Mcdermott “My art is birthed out of pure

emotion, I want my pieces to affect the viewer and make them really feel what I’m expressing.

I’ve grown up in both California and Arizona, and I believe that the vibes and environments of both

states had a strong impact on my art.

The murals of Phoenix, and the street art of southern California inspired me to create my own art that

was reminiscent of street art and beach culture with a mix of the hazy desert vibes.

I grew up around Mexican-American art, and in the homes of my Mexican friends. The culture is so warm

and inviting and the art is gorgeous. I was fascinated with the art associated with la Dia de los

Muertos and I wanted to emulate that through my works.

I am fascinated by contrast in my work, I like to contrast masculinity and femininity. I also like to

contrast the purer parts of life with darkness.”

Lucille at the Barricades - we the people art exhibition -

Lucille at the Barricades

2nd Place Mixed Media – Sharlene Hughes – “Juxtaposing the old and the new – within

the same theme – shows the timeless struggle of humankind”

“I am woman – hear me roar” … forget who said it – Lucille Ball lived it.

After a lengthy negotiaion CBS relinquished the show rights of I Love Lucy to her company Desilu.

When CBS rebought the rights the money enabled Desilu to purchse the former RKO Pictures studios.

Desilu went on to produce such hit TV programs as The Untouchables, Star Trek, and Mission: Impossible.

As the Boss at Desilu … Lucill Ball blasted the glass ceiling.”

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