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Sweet Summer Light Juried Online Exhibition

Sweet Summer Light Juried Online Art Exhibition

sunrise to sunset,, sweet summer light

Sunrise to Sunset

Best in Show and 1st Mixed Media – Youli Hyun – Yuri was born and grew up in South Korea.

She graduated with a Communication Design BFA degree from Hong Ik University in Korea and she pursued a MFA degree in Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2016.

She loves drawing with her own perspective and unique way. her drawing style is close to surrealism drawing too.

She has developed a whimsical aesthetic primarily employing ink pen in her graphic and sometimes abstract illustrations.

garden at twilight,, sweet summer light

Garden at Twilight

2nd Place Mixed Media – Sonya MacFarlane – Macfarlane is an artist by nature, after years of pursuing other avenues, she found that creating art was simply in her blood and she could not fight it any longer.

sunshine friend,, sweet summer light

Sunshine Friend

1st Place Acrylic – Leeann Della – “Capturing emotions with subtle color allows me to capture a moment and not wait forever to see the final result.”

evening walk,, swet summer light

Evening Walk

2nd Place Acrylic – John Crowe – “The single figure into the ether…bringing their powers, intuition and talent into the unknown. That inspires my work.”

first ferry ride,, sweet summer light

First Ferry Ride

1st Place Oils – Crista Bromley – Crista Goble Bromley is an artist from the Texas Hill Country.

Her subjects include portraiture, landscapes, animals, still life and historical representation.

She works primarily in oils but also works in watercolor, acrylic and pastels.

As the granddaughter of noted artists, she grew up surrounded by art and music which have been a part

of her life since birth.

sunshine racer,, sweet summer light

Sunshine Racer

2nd Place Oils – Helen Inez – “The soft glow of summer – glistening off the curves of a hydroplane – wow!

Water and light or light and water … either way … the challenge is captivating.”

climb, airplane, clouds,, sweet summer light


1st Place Watercolor – Captain Jack “Breaking

through the clouds, engine purring like a happy kitten while onlookers below strain to see you is a

feeling you can only get driving your winged beast at full throttle.”

Everyone in my opinion should fly their own crate… at least once. But what do I know?

I fly with partners. Sometimes I take the aerial photos… sometimes they do. Back in the shed which is

my studio…

I review the pictures and pick out the ones that say… ‘free.’ My method is intense. Jack Daniels

keeps me from painting too fast because I just gotta have a few sips as I paint.

Then it’s time for reflection, another sip and then paint another section of the picture.

Sip too fast, paint too fast and it all goes south in a hurry. Not a good thing.”

wild flowers,, sweet summer light

Wild Flowers

2nd Place Watercolor – Kitt Lang – “Many

workshops later I have come out of the closet of color. Summer takes no color prisoners. It’s all there

… if you want … to see it.”

Honorable Mention

here comes the sun,, sweet summer light

Here Comes Sun

Ilona Benzel – Mixed Media – “With a BA in commercial art I have worked in print shops, for weekly

and daily newspapers in NH and have painted in oils and now acrylics.

I’m just starting up again since my husband passed away in 2005 hoping to have my passion flowing


shadow trees,, sweet summer light

Shadow Trees

Sonya MacFarlane – Acrylic – “Coming from a family of artists, Sonya has had little formal training and enjoys experimentation.”

two roses,, sweet summer light

Two Roses

Sonya MacFarlane – Oil – “New to her journey, MacFarlane is still finding her unique voice. She is eager to continue her journey as a developing artist.”

summer road,, sweet summer light

Summer Road

Helene Langois – Watercolor – “I seek to express the unpredictability of color – exploding the senses and thrilling the heart.”

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