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Alex Colombo a good friend and an inspiring artist in her own right…interviews artists who work in the licensing field of art. Below is an excerpt from one of her interviews with successful artist… Richard Macneil.

It is my pleasure to share Richard Macneil’s artistic journey with everyone today.

Richard Macneil, owner and artist of the Macneil Studio Ltd. Four years ago he left an agency and formed The Macneil Studio together with his wife, Judi and sons Daniel and Kyle. They work in the glorious, rural countryside of Worcestershire in the UK.

Richard_MacneilEveryday is different, one day he may work on their expanding print range, the next, painting Santa Claus and snowmen. They do work for commissions and also like to explore new techniques.

Many artists have inspired him over the years – top of my list would be Frank Frazetta, N.C Wyeth, David Shepherd and Norman Rockwell. He seeks inspiration from all sorts of sources; traveling, particularly in Europe and he never tires of historical architecture, culture and people.

There are always a few core techniques that remain in his work. This starts with an interesting, balanced composition. Like telling a story whenever possible – particularly with prints. Each piece of work has to have exciting, vibrant but balanced color and light and an interesting subject.

A self taught artist Macneil has always worked in the creative industry. Started his working life at Worcester Royal Porcelain in the UK.

My partner was the sculpture and I painted the pieces. One of his greatest achievements was seeing his artwork displayed in the Oval Office of The White House. Whilst in America, he started experimenting with design for greeting cards – at that time, whimsical design was very big and he had some published with a wholesale publisher in the UK.

In 2009, together with his wife Judi and sons Daniel and Kyle, he formed The Macneil Studio where they exclusively license his art. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength; his artwork can be seen on many gift, homewares and paper products around the globe.

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