Focus Point Shape

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Richard Macneil


Milk and cookies… were left on the night stand for … you know who.

Above hung a childish scrawl on lined paper… Santa Crossing.

An empty can of Carnation Condensed milk sat brazenly atop the pile of tomorrows garbage, next to the empty wrapper of Oreo cookies.

A papier mache chimney stood against the living room wall.

The living room tripled as the family room, dining room and guest room.

Snug in his bed, puppy-doggie snoozed and dreamed of biscuits falling from the skies.

Sound asleep, his scarf wrapped twice around his neck and head the Artist snored as if to wake the family in the next trailer.

Waiting on commission checks that were always… ‘in the mail.’

While the utility bills piled up to the sky…casting shadows on the walls…lit by candelight.

When all of a sudden… the roar of a red Mercedes startled everyone awake.

Dashing to the window… the little one scurried, followed by Mrs. Artist, puppy-doggie and of course… the Artist.

Past the empty night stand… with crumbs all around, no one noticed the papier Chimney seemed to glow with a fire.

Rubbing his eyes, the little one shouted… “it’s Santa and Rudolph is… a Mercedes.”

By the door stood a package of 300 lb cold press, some # 4,5,8 and 10 sable brushes, a toy truck, a curling iron… and an oversize bag of chew toys. Off course they were all gift wrapped… so only you know what was inside the boxes.

The artist was speechless, his wife much the same… only the child was the one who could not be contained.

”Merry Christmas Santa”… the little one shouted… as the big boy hopped back into his red Mercedes and sped out of sight.

The weather being so overcast…in this neck of the woods… it would be heartless for reindeer to navigate in such poor visibility.

So back into their beds the family ran, even the little one without hesitation. Only puppy-doggie hung around the front door… sniffing for reindeer and finding none.

This Christmas… all the doubting Thomases… had their names changed to… Frank.

Merry Christmas to all and to all… a good night… from Santa.