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Passive Income for the Artist

Oh No!


As an artist friend was in the death throws of preparing her taxes… she called me for some needed relief.

“Elizabeth, I need to develop a method of passive income!”

she rasped.

Oh my… I thought. Better say nothing.

“I have receipts coming out of the wazoo! I have bundles of this and that… and whatever.”

I bit my lower lip and hung on.

“Next year… no this year… I’m signing up for one of those Print on Demand art sites.”

Now… I knew where she was going… or did I?

“I don’t want to ship a thing… anymore.”

I suffered in silence.

“I just want to collect those checks” she ranted.

So I started making little notes to myself as she vented.

“I’m tired, just tired of the circuit

… setting up boothes, sitting all day, coughing up big dollars for point of sale gizmos, smiling till my jaws ache, making small take… you know what I mean?”

This was not a question so much as a declaration. Again I said nothing.

“I saw this print on demand site and I can do that. Just upload my work and sit back.”

Mallory really is a smart gal. But sometimes she just does not think things through.

“Set my commission schedule and let the dollars roll in.”

I began to twirl my hair behind my ear… because I know Mallory. She was just beginning.

“I can’t move around in my studio! Paintings everywhere! It’s getting cold. I could start a fire.”

Mallory always goes for the drama… before she calms down.

“Elizabeth… you’ve always been the smart one in the family. What should I do?”

Do you have some one in the family or just a friend… to whom you have ridden to the rescue so many times before… that by now…you have saddle sores?

“What to do, what to do”

I cleared my throat.

“I know… tomorrow I’ll sign up for that print on demand site. What do you think?”

I really wish she wouldn’t ask me that.

“Elizabeth… you know the one… Big Bucks Art Delivery?”

I’ve known Mallory since was a little girl. Sisters are like that. The thing is… Mallory hates paperwork.

“You know it’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution. What did I do with that list of people I met at the shows last year. It’s around here some where.”

Oh lord. I heard boxes being emptied and papers flying around in the background.

“Well never mind. I’ll just put up those images, set my commissions and that will be that.”

Finally… Mallory was beginning to slow down. Her breathing was coming easier. But I was wrong.

“You know… Elizabeth, passive income is a great thing. Don’t you think?”

I nodded… because over the phone… Mallory could not see me.

“And… well… I do have some unsold work… just collecting dust.”

Again I nodded… to no one in particular.

“And people love my work… when they see it.”

I nodded my head vigorously… horizontally.

“And you can do my marketing for me…”

A tear rolled down my cheek.

“I just don’t know what I did with those lists. Well, I have to go. Talk to you soon. Bye.”

As Mallory hung up the phone… I sat back and a sigh escaped my lips.

My sister is about to find out… Passive Income… takes more action… than she can imagine.

It takes planning, execution, attention to detail and patience… all the things… Mallory is not good at.

And most importantly… it takes a list. Of at least 5,000 names.

Not a ‘store bought’ list either. A list the artist has personally put together from years of schmoozing on the circuit.

In other words… a list of your followers. People who already appreciate your work. And it would be really helpful… if you have a way to continually add new names to that list.

Passive income… is not really… all that passive.

But I know Mallory… she will have another bright idea… in a few days… and all will be forgotten.

Next time… I’ll check my caller ID before I answer the phone.

Of course… if you do not have a personal 5,000 name mailing list… maybe we can help put our contacts to work for you.

Clik HERE – See our current competitions.

We need to see what you can do… before we praise you to the skies… as we talk with our contacts.

Elizabeth Merchant