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Publicity Versus your Own Web Site

As an artist – did you ever wonder why…”build it and they will come” does not reap a ton of orders from your art web site?

The answer is simple. The average buyer is not going to take your word that your work is worth the money.

And that is where Publicity comes to your rescue.

Nothing sells better than a third party recommendation.

Who is the third party? Where can you find one. Can you rent a third party?

Let’s be clear… a paid ad in a magazine, newsletter or blog site… is not publicity.

A paid ad is just another version of you standing on a street corner with a sign saying…’buy me.’

If that worked… every street person with their hand out… would be standing there in a new suit of clothes.

And you know… that is not the case.

So… let’s break publicity down and keep it simple.

Publicity is a way of telling buyers about your work… without you telling them.

And that is where your ‘third party’ comes in.

Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery is your third party. Really? Yes.

Our competitions are geared to focus attention on really good artists – from around the world.

And we offer a publicity package to Best in Show and 1st and 2nd place winners in each media.

Your entry fee is like renting our prestige and our seal of approval.

So… let’s take another look at our competitions… with the ‘Publicity’ in mind.

Best Regards,
Elizabeth Merchant