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Tom Lynch Art Superstar

“You need to suffer … to become a successful artist.”

WRONG… you just need a plan… that fits you and your personality.

One of the most financially successful living artists today… Tom Lynch… is an artist you may have never heard of.

Because he is ‘hiding’ in plain sight. He does not wear a beret or sport a monocle
or talk with a foreign accent.

In fact he is so Middle America you might pass him on the street and never notice.

* Meet … Tom lynch –


If you golf… you know Tom Lynch. If you are from Chicago… you know Tom Lynch.
If you were fortunate enough to watch PBS…the public broadcasting stations in the
middle 1980’s you know Tom Lynch. If none of the above… you are in for a treat.

As you watch the accompanying video… you will be amazed at how unassuming, down to earth this American icon of watercolor really is. Someone just like yourself.

Tom Lynch was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Fact is he once worked dual jobs to enable the beginnings of his art career. Getting up at 4 a.m. to deliver newspapers for $45 a week, and working as a suburban paramedic/firefighter.

Today… by ‘dead reckoning’ Tom lynch averages approximately $5 million annually in art income … give or take a few hundred thousand.

He currently has 120 poster images on the market and annually sells an estimated 114,000 of these prints through mass-merchandising outlets.

But that is not how his story begins.

After high school at East Leyden High School, he turned down college scholarships in tennis and gymnastics to put himself through four years at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Do you… have a plan for artistic success?

Tom Lynch had a plan. He was actively seeking a master artist to become his mentor. And He found one in his earliest mentor, Nita Engle, a Michigan watercolorist.

As this newsletter is mentoring you. The ‘back-story’ is fascinating. And uplifting.

Nita Engle worked as an art director and magazine illustrator and exhibited in and out of the United States. A documentary has been made about her entitled ‘Wilderness Palette – Nita Engle in Michigan’ and she wrote the book ‘How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself: Experimental Techniques for Achieving Realistic Effects.’

In the 1940s the art world was a male-dominated field, so early on in her career she signed her work “N. Engle” so that she did not disclose her gender. This was the world of ‘Mad Men.’

Employed at a Chicago advertising agency as an art director – Ms. Engle moved on. As a full-time artist working for New York and Chicago publications like Reader’s Digest and Playboy.

And you think you have hurdles to overcome. Like artist’s block and friends who think art is for sissies. Get real. Imagine having to hide your gender, your face, your very being… just to get in the front door.

She has given workshops in the United States, Asia, Africa and Tahiti and the
Republic of China.

And Nita Engle was Tom Lynch’s mentor. Remember… she did not seek him out. He went the extra mile and sought her out.

“Exposure is everything…” Tom Lynch.

Not just any exposure. You have to think it through and make it work for you.

Pay close attention in the video… to Mr. Lynch as he talks about just how he prepared and premiered his “Chicago at Night” atop the John Hancock Building. It is a blue print of the artist … thinking out of the box.

The series depicted the city after-hours, each picture done one hour later throughout the darkness, ending at sunrise.

Meet … Tom lynch –


After you view the video … think about … letting us help you come up with a plan of your own.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Merchant