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International Online Art Gallery – juried online art competititons


Competition Rules – We have attempted to keep guidelines simple and straight forward.

1- The Theme of each competition is the most important detail for the artist to consider.

2- Because each artist most likely will interpret a theme based upon your own life experience, talent level and medium… enter the competitions… without reservation.
Give Focus Point & Shape the opportunity to evaluate your work. Often times… what you think is not workable and complete…
may in fact be the work that excites the art lover.

Who may enter ~

Monthly art competitions are open to all 2 dimensional artists. Focus Point & Shape art competitions are open to all artists… without any geographic limitations. Professional and non-professional artists may apply.




Best of Show –


gains a publicity package… either 400 or 800 publicity messages to our world-wide contact list of editors, curators, enthusiastic buyers. Sometimes… a little bit of luck is all you need. Being in the right place at the right time can be career changing.


1st and 2nd Place all other media –


gains a publicity package… either 200 or 400 publicity messages to our world-wide contact list. In the world of art… getting your name ‘out there’ is a constant hurdle.

Depending on the amount and quality of the entries there may also be Special Artist Merit and Special Artist Recognition awards posted as well. Each contest artist is limited to a max of FOUR images per competition. This policy is for your protection. Our goal is to work with you… to further your career… not empty your wallet with competition fees.

2- Selected images will be seen by an international audience of art enthusiasts, gallery directors, art collectors and others who appreciate the efforts of fine artists. Winning entries will be exhibited and actively promoted…for 1 month by Focus Point & Shape Online Gallery.

3- After the art show closes for that month… the exhibition will remain online for 1 month… to be viewed by additional website visitors and also available to be promoted by the artist. More over… Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery… will also actively promote the exhibition for winning artists.

4- Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery will promote the Best of Show and top 2 winning artists of each media… during the exhibition to our professional contacts and sharing your story with art enthusiasts and art buyers.

5- We will actively promote artists who achieve Honorable Mention, Special Artist Merit and Special Artist Recognition through our publicity pipeline.


Focus Point & Shape Online Gallery art calls are open to all AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL artists, 18 years and and older, worldwide. Experimental and mixed techniques will be explicitly noted in the open call.

Each file may not exceed 1MB … and must be in jpg format.
If you are not sure of the size of your image… submit it anyway and we will assist with the proper sizing.

No images that were selected from any previous Focus Point & Shape Art Competition will be allowed to be entered again.

ENTRY FEE ~ See individual Competition ~


SUBMISSION DEADLINE ~ See our Competitions page for the deadline current competitions.


Prepare your images using our simple 4 step process.

1- KISS ~ our 4 step process:
a- Take your image with a digital camera-
b- scan your image into your computer
c- name your image like so ~ ‘last name_first name_competition name_image name.jpg
Here is an example: Harrison_Gemma_November Sunset Contest_Fall Sunset.jpg
d- upload your image using the provided ie. Competition Form


When submitting your entries… we ask you to provide a short bio. We do not ask you for your workshop attendance history, your age, your prior exhibitions – the usual boilerplate… because frankly… Grandma Moses painted well into her 90’s, Jack Vettriano whose “Singing Butler” outsold everything for years ~ never attended art school, and Banksy…is a mystery man. Buyers want to be ‘moved’ by your work. So be yourself with your bio.

In the final evaluation and for our choices for the top exhibition selections, we select artist bios with an interesting bio. Of course interesting could be you paint in the dead of night by the light of a candle… while wolves howl just outside the door. In other words… just be yourself.


Every artist whose artwork is chosen for exhibition status will receive an email notification. All other competition participants will also receive an email notifying them that their artwork was not selected.


Based on the artwork submitted to our competitions, they will be judged on the following elements of artistic expression:

1- Clarity and Interpretation of the of the theme… to the viewer.

2- Originality and creativity of the depicted theme.

3- Composition quality and overall design based on the theme.

4- Overall impression of the art. Does the artwork stand on it’s own as a complete and outstanding work of art?


The Curator of the art competition will be Elizabeth Merchant and will be assisted by the International Juror Panel as their schedules permit. Elizabeth Merchant… a well known floral painter, is the Gallery Director of the Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery. Elizabeth Merchant, whose achieved page one ranking on all search engines during the late 1990’s… along with other professional artists is an art marketing expert helping new and emerging artists to market and promote their art.


Please review the dates of each month’s competition for deadlines and themes in the website’s posts or pages.

SALES ~ Focus Point & Shape does not participate in sales of art. Any and all purchase inquiries will be directed directly back to the artist for further disposition.

TEMPORARY USAGE RIGHTS-You retain all rights to your images.

Artists who submit their artwork to the Focus Point & Shape Online Art Gallery website for an art competition and have any of their submitted artwork chosen for participation in the subsequent art exhibition agree to the following: That FPS be granted TEMPORARY USAGE of the chosen artwork, only for display, marketing and promotional purposes for that art exhibition, and that usage of that image(s) is limited to any FPS press releases, FPS event promotions, FPS articles, FPS graphics, FPS slide shows, FPS presentations, FPS event materials and for use on the FPS website with the sole intention of promoting the artist who submitted the original artwork.

The Artist shall maintain all copyrights of any images that are submitted to FPS.

No resale of or exchange of images will occur by FPS. Any images not selected for participation in any FPS themed art exhibitions will be removed from our servers within 90 days from the date of the deadline of the art competition’s published results.

All images contained herein or attached to this website are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights to said images. No images may be copied or downloaded from this website.

Best of luck… HOW TO ENTER-

1- Click on this link to enter. SUBMIT HERE

2- Upload your images in the form provided and make sure that each step is followed closely.

3- Pay your entry fee. For your protection…you will receive an email with the link for secure online payment.

NOTE: There Will Be No Return of Any Entry Fees