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Elizabeth Merchant

What #1 Benefit do you gain by entering our online art competitions? As you think about it –

Are your paintings compelling …?

Is there a strong focus to your images?
Have you added mystery to your image?
How do you ‘direct’ the eye in your images?

Sometimes – because we can draw… we neglect Composition.
In school we were praised for our drawing ability. In the grown-up world of art – Composition is king.

Winslow Homer was a master of Composition…using clean lines, highlights, shadow tones and movement
to direct the eye of the viewer into and around his images.

Rembrandt could talk for hours about Composition – however we do not have any audio tapes of his thoughts
… but we do have his paintings.

Now maybe you think Composition is boring –
last month our Juror’s Corner took an ‘under the hood’ look at Bug by Carol Marine.
This month we re-construct Coffee to Go by … Graham Berry

Submitting your work to our current online-juried-art-competitionsallows our panel of jurors to review your strong and weak points.

An Online Gallery Juried Art Competition benefits you:

    Images that compel the viewer to take notice… win awards and sell. But first – your image has to – stop the viewer in their tracks.
    Elizabeth Merchant – and our panel of jurors – know how to help you – make your images – compelling..

Elizabeth Merchant - Curator

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