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Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery – Benefits –

Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery – Benefits –


What #1 Benefit do you gain by entering Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery art contests, and online art competitions?

As you think about it ~

take the following into account:

Is your Artist Web-Site on Life-Support?

Can you compute your ‘Name Exposure’ value?

Do your paintings Compel art buyers?

Many talented artists stumble in their careers and-
don’t know why.

If you answer yes to the following-
read on ~

1] Are unsold works cluttering your living space …
like dust bunnies?

2] Are your best customers… family members…
who want your latest works – for free?

3] Is it costing you – $300-$400 or more – to set up for a show –
before you sell anything?

4] Fretting over … framing, packaging, insuring and shipping work out of town –
only to find – you didn’t even ‘place’?

Today over 1 billion 500 thousand artist web sites and counting –

compete every second for a buyer’s attention.

The vast majority of these sites average – 300 page views – since 2009.

Breaking it down – that’s 3 visits – per month. Hmmm.

And if your site loads slowly … the search engines penalize you.

On the other hand …

20,000 page views per month …
is what Elizabeth Merchant –
Curator of Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery –
averaged when I was actively selling my floral prints online.

The downside of 20,000 page views per month – coming to Ms. Merchant’s prior art site, ( –
I sold a ton of floral prints … to all corners of the world… in the late 90’s.

Now – maybe you paint florals – or maybe you do not.

However – what ever you paint –

you cannot sell your work – on the Internet if no one is searching for you
by your name.

And the internet is not Cheers the TV show ~
if no one knows your name… no one does a search – for you.

How much of a difference you ask?

Norman Rockwell painted 4,000 images during his working artistic life.

Only 325 images or 8% were Saturday Evening Post Covers.

The publicity and exposure from those Post covers drove

the other 88% of his income from advertising art, book illustration and portraits.

His average annual income from art –
was $1 million per year
from the 40’s to the 60’s –
in 2013 dollars.

Today … the internet has replaced the name exposure of the Saturday Evening Post.

Our Online Art Gallery reaches the entire web-connected world.

But … we do not stop there.

Our online art exhibits, online art competitions and Online Juried Art Competitions benefit you with:

1- Back-links to your artist site.
This generates viewers and exposure to your art site.

2- if you do not have an artist site – you can always suggest to your circle of friends view your work in one of our online exhibitions…

3- take advantage of our Winners Archive.

Why oh why … do you want to obtain a place in the Winners Archive?

1] Ever tell someone how wonderful you are?
2] Did they take your word for it? Or did they just smile go on about their business?
3] Now … if a third party, a friend or associate says you are wonderful…
4] Now … you are wonderful.

That is why you want to be counted in the Winner’s Archive.

And … Winners receive a Publicity Package

1- Best of Show – 400 messages, 1st and 2nd Place winners … 200 messages

    to our network of interested art buyers, enthusiasts, art editors and other curators.
    We blast your name and accomplishments out into the blogosphere.
    Now – as you think about it …

    are you neglecting the single biggest hurdle to advancing your work and career?

    Are your paintings compelling …

    Is there a strong focus to your images?

    Have you added mystery to your images?

    Do you deliberately ‘direct’ the eye into and within and around your images?

    In other words …

    Are you ‘spinning your wheels’ … painting up a storm …

    and not ‘connecting’ your paintings to your viewers?

    Sometimes – because we can draw… we neglect Composition.
    In school we were praised for our drawing ability.

    In the real world of art – Composition is king.

    I will share a little secret with those who cannot draw in a moment.

    Winslow Homer was a master of Composition…
    using clean lines, highlights, shadow tones and movement
    to direct the eye of the veiwer into and around and within his images.

    Never mind the dry dictionary definition of composition.

    For your purposes … composition is the deliberate ability –

    to paint your images so that viewers are drawn in, held there, and not let go until …
    they must have your paintings … to release their inner tension.

    Now maybe you think Composition is boring –

    That is why our Juror’s Corner takes current paintings and details how that painting is constructed.

    Currently our Juror’s Corner – reviews Carol Marine and other master painters. Now Carol Marine is a living painter who regularly sells most everything she exhibits.

    Submitting your work to our current online-juried-art-competitions and art shows, online art exhibits, online art competitions

    gives our panel of juror(s) permission – to review your strong and weak points.

    Our Online Gallery Juried Art Competitions benefit you:

    1- Sometimes a suggested bolt of color is all that is necessary –
    to bring a composition together…

    2- Other times… we might suggest ‘less is more’ … a way of bringing your image into a sharp focus… so your viewer doesn’t wander around and out of your painting.
    Accidentally send the viewer ‘out’ of your painting – you have missed the golden ring.

    3- We review images individually … because you – are an individual.

    Here is the secret
    for those who cannot draw – abstract and non-representational art is your strong suit.

    And there is a huge niche just waiting for you to get your share.
    Did you know – abstract and non-representational art is the number #1 selling art niche in furniture stores?

    But … you must know composition to reap the reward.
    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain …

    because – let’s face it … art is in you – make the most of it.

    Submitting your work to our current online-juried-art-competitions

    1- gives our juror(s) permission to help you get your self on track.

    2- As you think about it … If not you … who?

    3- If not now … when?

    Every day in our juror’s live workshops we come across people who tell us …

    “I should have started earlier … but I was afraid.”

    Now … don’t you feel – you owe it to yourself and your talent … to become the best artist you can be. I’m glad that you agree.

    One of our jurors had an epiphany a few years ago. “I realized my art talent was a license to print money! That was the day I committed myself to my art.”

    Elizabeth Merchantknows how to generate Name Exposure for you and get you going.

    get yourself on track
    … today.

    If you missed out during 2021 … well 2022 is a new start for you.