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The wonderful thing about archive newsletters… is they do not know they are yesterday’s news.

Of course… yesterday’s news does not mean it has lost it’s value. Just it’s place in the food chain of daily events.

Fact is the archive section is just as valuable today as the day it was created.

Just one kernel of useful information could be the one thing that opens a floodgate of new opportunities for you.

So it is advisable to read the archive section on occasion… because history does repeat itself. And why be the last one to know what everyone else knows?

As the good book says… “in the Kingdom of the Blind – the one-eyed man is King.

You’ve met many people who know so much about a specific endeavor, their career, their job that they could talk for hours and never say the same thing twice. That is what the archive section will do for you… give you that know how, that perspective, that essence of expertness… so to speak.

Then you too… will know why we picked this image for this page… because in her mind… she is as alive today… as she was yesterday.

Best Regards,