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Mars Burnell – Juror – WaterColor

Mars_Burnell “As a youngster… art was something I did for fun…it just came easily to me…like putting on my socks.”

Mars Burnell started painting portraits … in the 1980’s… when a portrait of one of his supervisors… elicited an ear to ear smile from ‘the chief’ and resulted in a raise. The light bulb went on… “and I was ‘off to the races’…with portraits.”

Busy conducting workshops online and throughout the western states… Burnell is totally aware of the challenges facing many artists.

“With watercolor… some artists believe a painting is ready for the round-file. It is always a treat… to show them… with one stroke…how a ‘lost’ painting…magically can be ‘found.’ “

Mars_Burnell_Buddy “Today Transparent Watercolor is my muse. Being asked to juror Focus Point and Shape Watercolor themed competitions… well… is an honor. Dedication to one’s craft is reward enough… but a pat on the back… well that is fun…too.”

“I believe in ‘giving back’ and honoring those magnificent people who went before us, stand and serve, and those yet to come… in short…the marvelous unpredictable ingenuity of the human spirit.”

Mars Burnell admits watercolor painting can be daunting and full of uneven turns. But don’t let that stop you. As you prepare your work… to enter Focus Point and Shape competitions… you are not alone.

This is a unique Online Gallery with… your best development interests at heart.

Best Regards

Mars Burnell