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Mary Engelbreit Art Superstar

Meet a living legend … in the world of art… Mary Engelbreit –

Mary Engelbreit tells you in her own words…


Mary Engelbreit

is reported to net over one hundred fifty million dollars a year…as an artist.

You have passed by Mary Engelbreit’s work at Michaels and other arts-crafts stores. Her items seem so innocent and appealing. That is why her items just walk out the door. Of course… her items stop at the cash register first.

Michaels currently operates more than 1040 Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores located in 49 U.S. states and in Canada. That is a lot of distribution for a ‘licensed artist.’

Art Licensing is a billion dollar a year business, and one of which most artists are sadly ignorant. The idea is that once the original art has been sold, the artist has the option of letting that image be resold on different products. A license we are all familiar with is
of course the limited edition print or open edition posters.

There are international licensing shows around the world like Surtex every year in New York where artists and their agents display the newest work for manufactures. The top artists in the industry according to License Magazine are making well into the million dollar a year salaries for
their work. It is very possible for an artist to easily earn the living equivalent to a doctor or attorney with a competent licensing agent and some talented art work.

Mary Engelbreit has over 6000 licenses for her art work.

Mary Engelbreit tells you in her own words…